Eve, I’m Sorry

Dear Eve,

Forgive me writing this note to you here on the blog but when we met on the beach yesterday I didn’t catch your last name, and I feel I must apologise. 

I’m so sorry that I became that person yesterday. Nitro bounded up to your dog and I hurried as best I could to reach you before you recoiled from the big black Lab bullet that he is. Thankfully, you didn’t recoil. Instead, we started chatting.

Well, you clocked my tear-soaked cheeks, and you listened as we walked the dogs.

Of course at first, we talked about the dogs.

-Sorry about him running up to you like that. He hasn’t been out and off the leash in days.

-It’s alright. He’s a lovely dog.

-Yes, and he’s normally well trained and generally comes back when I call but he’s just so pent up. My husband’s in hospital.

-Oh. Is he going to be OK?

-I don’t know.

You glanced at me and saw the tears escape. I have no idea if he or we are going to be alright.

-He’s in the mental health system and they won’t give me any details about his condition.

-What? Why? Are you the next-of-kin?

-I’m his wife.

-They should.

-Yeah, I know. But I’m just so tired now. If they don’t want me to know, or he doesn’t want me to know…..

-It’s hard. How long will he be in hospital for?

-I don’t know.

-You need to look after yourself. You’re burnt out. You need rest.

-Uh huh.

And then we talked some more and said goodbye and you wandered down the beach, your wings hidden inside your hoodie.

Eve, I’m so sorry I became that person who offloads on a complete stranger, but thank you so much for being there.



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