I’m a writer, a modern storyteller, telling stories I’ve heard on my travels around the world.  I hope to inspire, excite and entertain with words.

Until January 2017 I used to write on my infamous blog, Vegemitevix, but I’ve just retired that site. It doesn’t quite fit me any longer. It used to talk about my adventures as an expat Mum living in the UK and I’m no longer an expat, no longer living in the UK and though I’m a Mum (still!) my kids are all but grown up and moved on with their lives.

So, this website is about my new adventures as a writer.

Working in Auckland, New Zealand I teach Digital Marketing and run a Digital Marketing consultancy and a small publishing house and in my spare time, I moonlight as an author. I published my first book From Pavlova to Pork Pies in October 2016 and I am currently working on my second novel.

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and here, of course. Check in with me on the blog or join the conversation on Facebook. I’m keen to hear from you and to hear your modern stories.