I’ve always liked telling stories. As a child, I used to amuse my family and friends with wild tales plucked fully formed in weird, wonderful detail from my vivid imagination. I dreamt in full colour and stereo sound. I imagined robbers and murderers in our back yard hiding under the hibiscus, and in an example befitting the homily ‘truth is stranger than fiction’, these stories often happened.

Though the robbers were found in a nearby market flogging our silver, not under our hibiscus.

As a teen, I was the archetypical histrionic one. Everything was a drama. Everything. And once again, fiction came to life and lived just down my street. By the time I was 21 and backpacking around Asia I realised that I was one of those people.

I had ‘this girl needs adventure, surprise her’ tattooed in invisible ink on my forehead, and adventure didn’t need to be told twice. Hurricanes, tornados,¬†floods, they all happened within spitting distance of where I was hanging out. But I didn’t just attract natural disasters, oh, no, I attracted man-made dramas too. Bombs made safe, banks robbed whilst I was in them, passengers going into hypoglycemic¬†shock on my plane (I coaxed them out of it with Lifesavers sweets. Huh, ironic.)

I soon discovered that the best way to deal was to tell the tale. So, I did. Of course, I had to write a fair few words about kitchen cupboards, cows like bovine limousines and the super information highway (it was the ’90’s) to pay the bills before I could really let loose and write my own words. My own stories. Fast forward fifteen years or so…

And here we are. Just shy of a milestone birthday (ahem!) I have started my career as a modern storyteller. This blog will pick up from where Vegemitevix left off, and it will bring you the latest in my word-wrangling, and all the stories I note along the way.

My first book, From Pavlova to Pork Pies was released in October 2016 and was received well by those who read it! It reached the top spot in its category (Amazon Free Kindle Comedy) for a time which was beyond brilliant, and lots of lovely people wrote similarly lovely things about it. If you haven’t read it yet, you should. You really should. You’ll smile. And laugh, if not out loud then really hard on the inside. You might even cry a little and through blurry eyes recognise a little of you and your life, in its pages.

I hope you enjoy my spot on the web. Come, read, laugh. Feel encouraged, feel supported. Remind yourself there are people like you living this crazy, technicolour soap opera we call life.

Vicki xx

NB/ I’m a Kiwi writer living in Auckland with my long suffering Englishman, a mad Lab puppy (35kg of cute) two smartarse cats and neighbours who know to ignore the screams, giggles, and hollering from over the fence. I enjoy wine, coffee, chocolate, oysters and all the best things in life. I live by the sea and thank God every day that I do. Live life out loud, I say. Eat the chocolate, drink the wine, down the oysters. Life deserves to be deliriously devoured.